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Epoxiconazole + Carbendazim Model : 12.5%+12.5%SC

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Epoxiconazole + Carbendazim is a formulated mixture of fungicide, which could be used to control a wide range of plant diseases effectively.


Epoxiconazole + Carbendazim Useage
Epoxiconazole is a broad-spectrum fungicide, with preventive and curative action, for control of diseases caused by Ascomycetes, Basidiomycetes, and Deuteromycetes in cereals, sugar beet, peanuts, oilseed rape, and ornamentals, generally at 125 g/ha.
Carbendazim is used for controlling of Septoria, Fusarium, Erysiphe and Pseudocercosporella in cereals; Sclerotinia, Alternaria and Cylindrosporium inoilseed rape; Cercospora and Erysiphe insugar beet; Uncinula and Botrytis ingrapes; Cladosporium and Botrytis intomatoes; Venturia and Podosphaera in pome fruit and Monilia and Sclerotinia in stone fruit. Application rates vary from 120-600 g/ha, depending on crop.
A seed treatment (0.6-0.8 g/kg) will control Tilletia, Ustilago, Fusarium and Septoria in
cereals, and Rhizoctonia incotton. Also shows activity againststoragediseases offruitas a dip (0.3-0.5 g/l).


Epoxiconazole + Carbendazim Available formulation
Epoxiconazole 12.5% + Carbendazim 12.5% SC


Epoxiconazole + Carbendazim Packaging details
Customized 10ML ~
200L for liquid formulation.


Epoxiconazole + Carbendazim applicable crops
sugar beet, peanuts, oilseed rape, Ornamentals, cereals, grapes, tomatoes, pome fruit, stone fruit, cotton.
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